Highest level of comfort and feel

Hotel Room | Function Room | Places of Worship

Axminster carpet is the de-facto customization choice due to its premium look & feel.  

Complete range of thickness & specifications for every space. Fast design sample delivery & project turnaround. Axminster construction ensures your carpet last for years while keep looking great and feeling comfortable. 

Hand Tufted Carpet

Create that special space instantly

Lounge | Reading Area | Cosy Corner

Handmade the way you want it.

Instantly converts that floor into a special space.

Commercial Space

Flexibility in your customization

Atrium | Restaurant | Theatre

Nylon printed carpet is easy to maintain, durable and cost effective.

Get your ideal designs onto the carpet or choose from a wide range of designer collections. Suitable for tropical climates such as Singapore.


Be pampered with choices

Open Layout | Cubicle Space | Meeting Room

Carpet tiles or broadloom carpets in any design & texture.

Get access to any designs you can find in the industry.

Realize your desired floor, simply by showing us a picture or telling us your idea.